Soil Sampling

Samples are taken approx. 1 foot below the soil surface and are less than 1 cm3

DNA Analysis

Bacterial DNA is extracted, producing tagged 16S rDNA, translated to bacterial species

Machine Learning

Using our existing database with known samples a correlation model is built

Prospect Mapping

A prediction map is made which reduces drilling risks and only targets profitable sites

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Experience & Resources

Years Of Research
Onshore Samples
Offshore Samples


Accurate predictions

Precise prospects mapped with approx. 70% accuracy aids well planning.

Maximize Returns

Optimizing drilling and development plans to only drill profitable wells.

Partners and Advisers

Long-term cooperation with microbiological researchers and JOA Ventures partners.

International Range

Biodentify has carried out projects on different continents, in varying conditions and both on-  and offshore.

Patented Workflow

From soil sampling, through DNA analysis and machine learning, to accurate prospect mapping.

Environmental Awareness

Our method eliminates operations in non-productive areas thus decreases the environmental footprint.

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