Our Patented Workflow

Soil Sampling

Samples are taken approx. 1 foot below the soil surface and are less than 1 cm3

DNA Analysis

Bacterial DNA is extracted, producing tagged 16S rDNA, translated to bacterial species

Machine Learning

Using our existing database with known samples a correlation model is built

Prospect Mapping

A prediction map is made which reduces drilling risks and only targets profitable sites

What We Do

Conventional onshore

We de-risk conventional onshore prospects, and can accurately delineate reservoirs.


We enable operators to drill highly productive wells in shale.


We de-risk offshore wells before drilling and can rank prospects in terms of PoS.

Our Projects

Experience & Resources

Years Of Research
Onshore Samples
Offshore Samples


Reduced Risk

De-risk drilling of wells on/offshore. Accurate delineation services & rank prospects or well targets for less unsuccessful wells.

Maximized Returns

Maximize financial returns mapping shale productivity, pinpointing high producing areas, avoiding the drilling of uneconomic wells.

Saves Money

A direct hydrocarbon indicator that is very cost-effective compared to seismic exploration—and more accurate to traditional surface geochemistry.


> 70% accuracy in our pilot projects, with individual results being up to 97% accurate.

Global Reach

We have worked with active operators all over the world on successful pilot projects, with more projects planned.

Less Environmental Impact

Our method eliminates operations in non-productive areas, thus decreasing the environmental footprint.

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