Our combination of DNA analysis from over 340,000 microbial species with progressive Artificial Intelligence algorithms generates robust and accurate reservoir predictions

Conventional onshore de-risks wells or prospects before drilling, ranks well targets in terms of prospectivity, and helps delineate fields.

Looking ahead, this means that using our company’s patented process can save operators from spending wastefully on dry wells. Based on our current projects, we have made accurate predictions within a range of 70-98% accuracy.

We execute projects ourselves with a field crew in onshore conventional and, in collaboration with our customers, design the right survey which can be in a grid pattern over a large area, or cross-sections over a number of prospects and/or well targets. We then contour these to create a prospectivity map, or in cross-section, per prospect and will deliver a value of -1 to +1, whether prospect is dry or hydrocarbon charged. In the case of multiple prospects, we will provide a ranked or prioritised list.

We recently published the results of a conventional and unconventional onshore project in Argentina, where we successfully predicted well targets up to 97% accurately from our own fieldwork and data analysis.

You can read more about this in our projects area.