Our combination of DNA analysis from over 340,000 microbial species with progressive Artificial Intelligence algorithms generates robust and accurate reservoir predictions


Our technology, developed to analyze  surface soil and seabed samples, recognizes otherwise undetectable hydrocarbon micro-seepage from highly prospective areas.

Different from traditional geochemistry techniques our solution filters cutting edge DNA analysis from over 340,000 microbial species with progressive Artificial Intelligence algorithms. This smart combination of the latest sophisticated techniques generates robust and accurate reservoir predictions.

Solution for efficient hydrocarbons exploration

In areas where Biodentify predicted no sweet spots prior to drilling well production rates proved to either below or indicated non-producing sites. Looking ahead this means that using our company’s patented process can save operators from spending wastefully on nonproducers.

Subsequent studies and modelling efforts have shown that the results of our research are reproducible. The prediction maps generated from DNA fingerprints of shallow soil samples form a very informative, additional information source (in addition to TOC, maturity, seismic, porosity and pressure maps) for exploration/production teams of operators.